Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Its a TARP!!! Oh Noes 111...

It’s a TARP!!! Oh Noes….

Well sadly the Redeemer met its end last night to a well executed trap set by Team Liquid on the Torrinos gate in EC-P8R. Apparently we were getting a bit too well known for Blop Dropping in the area and Team Liquid set a nice Juicy trap with a Tengue and a drake sitting on the Torrinos gate. We jump drive from our home system and land on the gate at range and they both burn out of range of the battleships, and then 10 rifters land on the gate and tackle everyone, and then 5 drakesand a Cain  land on the gate and start taking the battleships apart. Result is 3 Black Ops Battleships Down  (Summary) , 0 losses for the enemy fleet. I say GF well done and I am waking up in the station in Old Man Star…. Which reminds me I need to move my clone….

So on the way back to the home base, I pick up a Purifier in Aununen and am a few jumps away when I hear on coms they have a Thantos aggressed on the home station, I am to far away to get to the fight before the Thantos de-agros and docks up. I arrive in the home station and am sorting out some ships when word goes out that the Thantos has undocked and has aggressed. People in local are calling for reps and cap so I undock the Archon and start supplying cap and reps, I also make use of my 16m sp in drone skills and unleash my fighters on the carrier. Thantos is now into armor, we light a Cyno and drop a Nyx and a Wyvern into the mix.  Thanto's Down in 3 vollies, So now the night has not been a total loss.

While I am in the process of sorting out ships, there are some ships in Aununen that I need to pick up, I log my Cyno Alt in to Aununen and see there are 54 people in local. Hmm… the Toon who’s carrier we just sploded, undocks in another Thantos and agresses our corps BS’s sitting on the home station. I do a D-scan in Aununen and see that there are 2 Titans in local along with a slew of High end BS’s and Carriers. I smell another Tarp about to happen. We smack it up in local in the home system and making sure not to agress the new Thantos, thoroughly upsetting the carrier pilot and I am sure frustrating the fleet that thought they were going to bridge into us.  

It is getting late for me so I head to bed stopping to talk to my son and a friend of his who are on the phone talking to someone in NC.Dot who just lost a carrier and were trying to bait a hot drop with another one. I lols and tell them to ask her how did that turn out…..



  1. Shame about losing the Redeemer, but congratulations on downing the carrier and being smart enough not to take the bait of the second one. And that's awesome about phone call. You may need to watch out for backdoor intel slipping through, though.

  2. I know I am paying attention whenever they are looking over my shoulder, I dont need any intel going out to supposed girlfriends and all of a sudden the whole corp gets ganked, I would be quite upset if that happened. He is a PL guy too so you cant trust em lol...