Monday, November 7, 2011

A very busy weekend ... Your in the Militia now...

This weekend culminated with Zandramus having a security clearance of -3.97, and now he will be joining the Caldari Militia, the goal was to be so he could travel through hisec, which he now can without much trouble in frigate class ships. I will need to get him set up in the militia system over the next couple of days, I have already done some recon with him in his stealth bomber and have taken a few pot shots at some enemy faction cruisers to no avail. I wasn’t able to get him into the militia until late Sunday evening and by then not too many people were on to do anything with.

Saturday and Sunday were spent running around Cloud Ring and Outer Ring, grinding security status, I was tri-boxing three accounts in stealth bombers and was able to move from system to system pretty quickly and thus was able to get his security clearance from -6.7 Saturday morning, to where he is now by Sunday night. I will say I took plenty of time away from the computer Saturday, because hour after hour of shooting red + signs is extremely boring.

Sunday I ran into several 20 – 30 man gangs jumping in to two on Sunday that I was able to evade on all three accounts even after they bubbled up an interdictor on the gate. I was quite surprised how easily the stealth bomber can mwd/cloak to evade a gate camp. I did have one account become unresponsive on me after warping into a 15 man camp of pirates in 0.0 but even though it DC’d they did not get a positive lock on the toon and I was able to log him back in after the gate camp moved on.

The wormhole has not had any sites ran in it since last weekend, and there are about 2 bil worth of sites to be run. However the wormhole’s static exit has been spawning roughly 50 jumps from wherever Zandramus is located at so I am going to do the militia stuff until I get a favorable exit that I can jump in and close then run all my sites and jump back out. I plan on keeping the wormhole and using it as passive income to fund my militia endeavors.

Monitarily I have about 2 billion isk to purchase ships for pvp at the moment, I will start picking up a lot of frigates / cruisers / BC / Geddons in the next few days, and then pick up some specialty ships recon’s / HAC’s / Logistics. I think I may move some marketable ships to the militia HQ also and see if marking them up 30 pct leads to some sales of ships and modules, I will have to put together a list of ships and modules and set some buy orders to pick them up on the cheap.

That’s all for now hopefully by the weekend I will have some pew pew to talk about


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