Monday, October 31, 2011

The winter patch gets jucier for an old pilot

With the recent devblog about hybrid balancing and ship rebalancing brings a tear of joy to mine eyes... Being a caldari toon when I started I trained missile and railgun skills only to find those skills were almost useless in pvp at the time. So I naturally crosstrained gallente skills as the most easier time sink only to have those skills made useless as the nerfbat was swung. As a result Zandramus has frigate 5 cruiser 5 battleship 5 in caldari, gallente, and Amarr. He has carrier 5 and dread 4 in Amarr, and he has hac 5 , recon ships 5, heavy interdictor 5, is training logistics to 5 currently. He also has 16m sp of drone skills, needless to say I am elated about the upcoming changes as almost every ship listed on this fix I can pilot perfectly, and with 21m sp in gunnery can fit tech 2 weapons on all of them.

I cannot wait to brush off the cobwebs of the blasterthron, or piloting all of the blaster ships in close and personal.

Let me just say Ccp I love you right now


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  1. From a traders prospective i am soo excited about the patch. It's been so long since i made a lot of money doing patch day speculation.