Monday, October 31, 2011

A Comedy of Errors Part 1...

So Saturday started with me logging in right after downtime to find that someone had just been in my hole. I notice this right away as usually right after downtime, I get kicked back to the loading screen saying that the system isn’t loaded and please try again in a moment, not this time I get right in.

I hop into the Legion and deploy probes to find out what is going on and I notice that all of my anomalies are gone, I now know what the three bears felt like missing their porridge …There is only the profession sites left along with the static wormhole and a new k162 from dangerous unknown space. I hop into the class 5 to investigate the site thieves and I see 2 POS’s one with a pod in it and another with a Tengu in it both of course piloted, and no one leaving their POS anytime soon. There is also a dreadnaught unpiloted in the POS with the Tengu.

Well if they are not going to leave their POS then I am going to log some alts into the game and close this wormhole. I log in 4 BS capable pilots and put them in the WH closing Armageddons. As I am doing this I notice that they begin to organize a tackle gang in their system. I see Falcon, Loki, Cheeta, show up in their POS. Well while I can quad box a WH closing on my laptop, It is impossible to do combat on any more than 1 account, so I decide the better idea is to log off for a while and see what happen’s.

I log back in 3 hours later to find their system empty and no one at home, I log in the BS alts and close the connection between the systems. Since my brother will not be on for another few hours and I cannot do any of the profession sites by myself I log off until he is available.

When we log back in there is a new k162 from HiSec, and we run out the loot from the last few days and buy some new shiney We don’t have enough to buy the Paladin I was thinking of getting for Zandramus, so I buy him a Navy Geddon and fit it out for him and deliver it. I put it in the ship hanger and we take a peek out of the 0.0 static to see where we are. Looks like we are in Providence 2 jumps into 0.0… way too busy to do some sec grinding so we decide to roll the static and see where she ends up.

Well this being Saturday evening, I have been doing a bit of drinking, and drinking and spaceships always ends well so let the comedy ensue… Everyone ships up to armageddons to close the 0.0 hole and we fleet up, I warp us to the wormhole and 4 of us jump through. The hole collapses behind us, that was shocking… what was more shocking is that Concord preceeds to melt the Criminal Zandramus’s Geddon, Doh I warped us to the HiSec hole instead of the static….. and we are now in Amarr Space and down 1 T2 fitted Geddon…. Sigh now we have to get the remaining 4 battleships back in the hole that is 17 jumps from where we are currently, at least its only 2 jumps in 0.0

I run to Amarr and get a new Anethema to recon the route, everything goes well and we get back into the hole, and I even go back and get the other T2 Geddon that I left behind to scope out the route. It is getting late so I go to bed.


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