Monday, October 24, 2011

Slow Sunday Evening

Well, after the hurting applied on Saturday, where we lost 2 Hulks, 2 Retrievers, an Iteron V, and a PVE Drake, and 500m in implants no one wanted to log in and do much today, so I was left grinding Sec Status out of the 0.0 Static all by my lonesome in NPC space.

I did have a bit of fun, though... I had my alt character sitting under the belt that I was working a double battleship spawn with 3 cruisers. He was cloaked in a stealth bomber. I was generally watching TV and when the rats would respawn I would pop out of the wormhole in a pvp gank geddon, kill the two BS rats and hop back in the wormhole and sit in the pos and regen my shields.

While sitting under the belt, there was a Cynibal that kept entering the system coming to the belt, warping off and exiting the system. Having no ships in the POS to deal with a quick Cynibal I just was watching to see what they were doing. About the 5th time they came into system she deployed drones and started to kill off the cruiser spawn... to which I was upset about, so I right clicked all of my wrecks and chose abandon all nearby wrecks, thus changing them from white to blue.... This freaked out the Cynibal who warped off, came back at 100 to the belt for a double take and warped out of the system to not return, which gave me a good laugh.

Other than that, I watched the new Walking Dead on AMC last night and got my Security status from -8.4 to -8.09... I need to get the social skill that makes this goes a bit faster I am thinking.


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