Monday, October 24, 2011

The Lowsec Market is Horrific - or Whats a Pirate to do...

Friday, I took a break from the wormhole to take a trip into lowsec to see if I could find some stuff to do. After losing my interceptor to a cleverly disquised badger II gate trap in Geminate which involved somehow getting one shotted by a battleship that warped in to help the poor badger... I took my pod into lowsec through Oijannin.

Now somehow all the bookmarks I used to have of Geminate are missing and as such whilst warping to the Oijannen gate, I got sucked 70k past the gate with my pod and even though there were 8 people in system I was able to slow boat in my pod to the gate and leave the system. (Clearly someone was asleep at the helm)

So I start looking around to see where I have Ships and where there are some level 4 agents in low sec so I can grind some sec status that way. Well everywhere there is an agent, there are no ships on the market, or if there is a ship on the market there are no fittings for the ship on the market. So with everyone still back in the wormhole I found that there was nothing in empire for me to do, so I purchased a shuttle and headed back out to the wormhole.

Surely some industrious person would realize there was money to be made marking up ships / ship packages in lowsec where there are security agents. Or even at the gatepoints going into 0.0.

The market used to be like this.... Having a negative security rating means I cant to into above .5 and buy a ship, there are quite a few people like me how do they do this, do they all have high security alts that can fly everything that they can? That seems like a waste to me...

Whoever thought up that everyone would be willing to travel to a major trade hub to buy something is not understanding markets in this game, but that is how the market seems to look at the moment, I may just have to start investing in the lowsec missioning hubs and making some isk that way.



  1. I've approached some of my industry friends about this, and they agreed it was a great idea, but in the end never ended up doing it. My only guess can be that they don't think they'll make enough money to cover losses of jump freighters (minerals, modules), and that that is why they don't.

    As for me, When PI changes I may be looking into it. Training would sure take a while though.

  2. I am thinking all that would be needed is to buy ships and modules in empire then jumpfreighter them to the lowsec systems mar them up about 30 percent.

  3. From what I remember someone does this in Dal, but aside from that one person I've not heard of people filling markets in low-sec. This person puts together fits of popular ships and puts them on contract like that, a 20-30% markup, and it does/did really well since people could immediately go back into a fight with a new fitted ship.

    Still, I think too many industrialists see the red ink instead of the black.