Thursday, October 6, 2011

Immersion and what it means to me.

What is it about eve that appeals to me? Its the idea that at any moment you can loose your stuff. I enjoy the excitement of a combat system that has real penalties. In eve if you die there are consequences other than running back to get resurrected. In eve you loose your stuff, possibly your implants and a significant amount of time. Get killed 30 jumps away from your clone station and now you have to work to get back in the fight.

It means there is profit to be made from other players. There are no other games where when you kill a player he drops his stuff. IMHO this should be prevailent in all games but developers constantly take the politically correct route and protect players stuff through game mechanics.

In the first diablo you could loot the players belongings when you killed them, this was removed this was removed in diablo 2 though there was still a world pvp where if you played hard core your toon could be killed. I will not be playing diablo 3 as it has taken the wow approach and implemented arena's I was saddened to here this as I was anticipating it's release.

So we are back to eve being the only real game with a real death penalty which appeals to my gaming style. I enjoy griefing the griefers of the game. I enjoy killing can flippers and ninja salvagers and suicide gankers.

My 2 cents

The Lost Pod Trader

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