Monday, October 31, 2011

A Comedy of Errors Part 2...

Sunday dawns a new day, I decide to roll the hole and successfully roll the hole and the new exit is in the drone regions… No good for grinding security clearance, so I decide to roll again. In the process of doing this I get a t2 Geddon stuck in the middle of the drone region as the hole closes behind it on the wrong side of the hole. Sigh not again…

I open the new static and the good news it is in a dead end system in Angel Cartel space… The bad news is it is 42 jumps through 0.0 to get the Geddon back to the hole. I begin my journey and find the drone regions relatively empty this Sunday morning and make it 20 jumps until I get around the Curse region and Jump into a system with 45 in local. I dscan and see no one in space and a station in system and I warp to the gate.

Mid warp I start seeing a lot of ships, a lot of BC’s but local seems to be emptying out, as the warp bubble collapses I see a 3 ships jump through the gate I just landed on and the total now in local is 3 including me. I just missed warping into a 40+ battlecruiser gang.  I warp to a safespot and log out. I call my brother on the phone and explain the predicament to him and he is laughing as we start to formulate a rescue mission.

We decide to ship into stealth bombers and scout the route between the hole and where I am stuck, each jump through towards where the geddon is there is more and more activity, we end up somewhere in Curse looking at about 30 guys gate camping the gate we need to go through lots of dramiels and stuff we would get caught trying to bomb so we decide to SS and log out for an hour or two and run some errands.

I log back in three hours later to find a lone megathron killing a bubble at our exit gate, I call my brother and he gets logged in. We are both thinking it’s a tarp as I bomb the Megathron and engage. Vulnerability bombs and engages, the megathron is into half armor and can’t hit me he has heavy drones when the gate starts going off and local starts to fill up… As the two dramiels break gate cloak I align and warp off and my brother makes it out as well…It was a very fun experience, we watch the gate and everytime a group jumps through they come back in pods so we are stuck here for a while, the next system shows 40 ships destroyed in the last hour on the map.

Time for more chores and we log back out.

We log back in and the route is clear and we make it back to the hole uneventful and decide to take a break for a few hours and watch some tv.   


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