Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fun evening ending with pew pew and ship goes boom

We last left with my alt R.. out of the hole having been stuck on the other side of a closed wormhole and waking up fresh in a new clone station. Last night I logged in and scanned down the system with my scanning alt. 8 sigs in system 4 wormholes... After misguessing which was my static the night before I have figured out how to determine which is the k346 so I check the other 3 holes and we have 2 k162's that resolve at 1 au. A wh to a class 3 that resolves to .5au and the static which resolves at .25au . The k162's one is to 0.0 and one is to high-sec but the high-sec hole is reaching the end of it's lifetime. Acting quickly I start my alt on his way to the high sec system from minmatar space. He has 20 jumps to go in his purifier.

I jump my main Z.. through the hole in his pod and check the market and get the obligatory warning from concord that criminals are not welcome in empire space. There are drakes available in system so I buy a stack of drake hulls and launchers. Someone will need to run 12 jumps to Amarr to get the rest of the fit, I also buy a gheddon one jump over and jump back in the hole. I get a corpmate to log in and start moving the drake hulls into the hole while I watch the inside in the pilgrim with Z.. R arrives in his purifier and ships up to the legion to make the loot run into empire. He arrives at Amarr and sells the loot for 1.2 billion and buys the fit for the drakes and heads back to the hole. Once in he unships and goes and picks up the gheddon. About this time another corp member is logging in and just as I am telling him what's going on the hisec hole collapses.

We fit out the drakes for pve and look to grind some sec status. We hop out the k162 to 0.0 and end up in cache 5 jumps from HED-GP lots of traffic so we jump back in and go out through the static into an empty system with a cosmos agent. Hmm haven't done that before so I take the mission and we warp into the complex. We are almost done killing the spawn with the 3 drakes I am double boxing Z and R the site respawns... Ok this happened 4 times before we figure we don't have enough guys to clear the site and someone shows up in local.

We are down all our drones and almost out of ammo so we decide to head back to the hole and reship. Upon contact with the hole there is a Loki there who jumps into the hole. We jump through and engage the Loki. V..  cannot get him locked and this is where communication breaks Down when we are engaged by 2 more ships hurricaines... I am still shooting the Loki with Z and R, V switches to one of the hurricaines doesnt tell me on coms he is doing so. I try to gang warp us to the pos to reship.... Z warps the V & R get warp scrambled. So now it is a 2 vs 3 but we are holding our own until V goes down and gets his pod away R goes down and gets his pod away, I reship them in the pos Z into a pilgrim and warp cloaked to the hole to see whats going on and Z gets sucked into a bubble... He dies quickly to the 3 v 1 but gets his pod out... We give props in local gf all around they give props back.

After action analysis...

I am clearly rusty at pvp being out of the game so long, I should have called one of the hurricanes primary we should have at least popped one or two of them. Granted we were not in pvp setup no one had a point but we had an advantage in our hole we didn't use which was to negate the hurricanes falloff.

Secondly we should have jumped back through the hole when we started to go down we were passive fit and could have used the 30 seconds cloaked to regen some shields before jumping back through and regenning some more. Also the Loki who was set up as neuting tank would not have been able to come back through because as I suspected they came from Cache through the hole and when he jumped back in his timer started. We could have separated them and dealt with the hurricanes.

Third.. Z could have reshipped to a gankgheddon in the pos and made short work of the hurricanes or at least force them to jump out reducing the hostile ship count and turning the odds in our favor.

All in all it was fun, losing the drakes was not bad. Losing the pilgrim was a fluke, I think that we will do better the next time.

The Lost Pod Trader

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