Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Solo stealth bomber fail

Well I logged in last night to find 3 k162's in the system on top of the k346 exit to 0.0 after scanning down all of the sigs I warp to each hole to get some info on what we have to explore tonight. There are wormholes to a class 3, a class 5, and high sec hemitar region.

I have some errands to run so I deliver the loot out to RENs from the previous nights anomalies, and now 500m more is in the Corp wallet. My brother logs in and he makes a run to Rens to get some supplies, I need to purchase a couple more geddons for an upcoming operation.

I buy the geddons and contract them to the pilots that will come and pick them up, I head back to the hole to do some investigating. I pop into the class 3 and in the process of dscanning the system I notice a ferox on the scanner as I am warping between 2 planets to get a fix on him I warp right by him. I may be able to get his position without dropping probes. I warp back to the previos spot and open the create bookmark menu. As I see him appear again I click the bookmark button. Once I land I warp to the bookmark and lo and behold there is the ferox 300k from me.

I go get a stealth bomber, though in hindsight I should have closed distance bookmarked the spot and came back with something a bit more substantial. As I close and drop cloak be warps off. I still have him on dscan near an inner planet, I pop out combat probes from my cov ops in the system at 1au range to the planet and get a 100 pct hit. I warp gang to the spot 18k from him drop cloak and bomb which misses him completely, I set orbit point and start torping him, which is doing very little damage. I call on a corpie to help out.

While my corpie is in warp he pops out minmatar small drones which chew up my Amarr stealth bomber hull to shreds and I pop just as my corpie arrives with a Legion. He warps off again. He convos me and gf me in convo, I gf him then he asks if he can pay me 20m isk to show him the exit to hs as he is stuck with no probes.

After I finish laughing, I consider this... If he hadn't just gf'd me I probably wouldn't have let him out but he had a good attitude and I collect the isk and escort him to the exit.

I take a break and reflect on the battle, first fight in a stealth bomber for me, should have brought the geddon and warped right on top of him having made the bookmark first. I need to set up an account for the test server and test out some of these ships I have never flown in combat before, I expected the torps to do much more damage to a BC than what they were doing. I should have expected small drones and warped as they were deployed. 1V1 might have not been the way to approach this fight.

I log in later to see scanner probes out in my system, I close the Hisec and the 0.0 exit leaving the class 3 and the class 5 alone as it is getting way late in the eveing, the class 5 was reaching the end of its life, the class three didnt seem much of a threat.


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