Monday, October 17, 2011

Slow weekend

Not much to report this weekend, I did manage to sell a wormhole I found for 800m, though it tied up my scanning alt all weekend, I did manage to take a peek out into 0.0 and saw something that disturbed me, After asking some people about it. I found a system that was bubbled on teh outbound and inbound gates, when I entered the system there was only 3 people in it, I was told that this happens when people are botting, I will keep an eye out for this as I would love to bring teh pain on some botters.

I had also been looking for a corp, I am set up good in teh wormhole for now so I think I will stick here and build up some isk until it completely bores me and I have enough hulls laying around to do some good pvp. I bought a new Archon this weekend, though I didnt have enough isk to fit it out and buy fighters and drones for it so I have some grinding to do.

I have 9b invested in this wormhole so I figure I will be set for a while when I have about 18b in the wallet, and a stack of hulls to lose. Then I dont know someplace that I can get alot of small gang action.


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