Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The great Pos Bash mark 2.0

Well, when we moved into the system there was a large offline gallente tower in the system , and we have been wanting to get rid of it so that we can have a tower at each moon, thus denying anyone from coming in and setting up a foothold pos. We were concerned that the corp that owned the pos could just come back and fuel it and we would have to fight for the hole.

Well first attempt was 3 battleships versus a large tower which did not work, after 18 hours of shooting the shields were only at 30 pct and it didnt appear we were making any more progress. Well tonight we try again with 6 battleships 4 armageddons, 1 raven and 1 Kronos. In an hour and a half we have it about halfway through the shields so I think this is going to turn out better than the last attempt.

Also gives us an idea of what it might take dps wise to get rid of a customs office.


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  1. Makes you wanna build a few Dreads for clearing out staging towers, doesn't it?

    Occasionally we destroy offline towers with subcaps, Larges take forever even with 30 bombers (torps). Smalls don't take too long, a little under an hour. I've a feeling you might have done that at one point in your past before Dominion came out.