Friday, October 14, 2011

My sekrit identity

Well I have been kicking it around for a couple of weeks whether or not to reveal my main toons identity in the blog, I didn't want to give away too much operational security until we were confidently set up in w space, but I felt that an anonymous blog was probably going to begin to get boring, so here we are, I am Zandramus.

I have been parked in an aeon for several years only logging in to shoot structures and do sov warfare, well I am tired of all the sov bullshit mechanics of the game I want to get back to my roots.

What are those roots you ask? Well I was a member of the first premier pvp merc Corp in the game S.A.S. I flew with who I believe was the best fc pre-support ship and alliance tournament winner Zincol. Now as I say I have been away for a while and am very rusty but I am in now until end game and I am looking for some fun. I will hopefully be finding some new people to fly with that can get me into the type of fights I like and keep the game exciting.

If ya see me in space give me a shout out, Until fly it like you stole it.

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  1. But, you live in a wormhole right? People are only gonna see you if you kill them or are shopping in empire, right? ^_^