Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A visitor

Well looking at dotlan it appears we have a spy in our hole as I am seeing recurring jumps in the eastern European timezone. Around 2 am for me. So I will continue to monitor this activity and if they are still around this weekend I will try to be online around this time. I suspected something last night when we had a new static as we had not activated our static lately. We had some other k162's over the weekend which I thought might have explained the jump count. But today when looking I show 2 jumps at 6 am eve time and yesterday there were exactly 2 jumps at 6 am eve time.

As if someone is jumping out the static, seeing where they are jumping back in and logging off. I am also seeing a jump in the last hour that tells me there is probably a k162 today that will have to be looked at.

So much for running some sites tonight, though there may be some opportunity for some pew pew.


1 comment:

  1. That sucks man. Had one of those once, but didn't know about Dotlan at the time. hopefully you can kill him with an insta cane or something on the lo-sec side of your wormhole (I bet he'd catch you on dscan in wormhole). You might need to keep an eye out for staging towers to make sure no one is invading your system either: they're a real pain to deal with once they go up.