Sunday, October 23, 2011

In a wormhole, things can go bad incredibly fast...

So last night started out like any othe rnight, I scanned down the system and resolved all of the signatures and anomolies. We ran all of the anomolies, I rescanned the system and finding no new signatures and no new sites to run it was decided we would clear out some of the rocks and gas.

All of the industry alts were logged in and a mining op commenced, I was sitting in the site in a drake even though it was a PVE drake, this would not have mattered anyways. My scannin alt was checking dscan, and he had out some combat probes, right until it was time to haule some ore, he would then hop in the iteron 5 and haul teh ore back to the pos, jump into the legion rescan the system. Everyone was hitting dscan from time to time.

My scanning guy had just scanned the system, found no new signatures, hopped in the iteron and picked up a load of ore. He dropped off the ore in the hanger, turned and was in warp back to the mining op when I hit dscan and saw a unfamiliar drake on dscan.

Upon Landing at the Mining op, 9 ships land on top of us 2 Tengu's a Drake, an Onyx, a Sliepiner, a Dramiel, a Legion, and a Protius. it was a very fast trip to the clone station for all of the op. I have to say these guys scanned us down and jumped us within minutes of opening up their static to us. I logged in  another scanning alt that stays in the system always to find us a way back to the system, to see them closing their hole to us with an orca. An there was not enough guys left in the hole that could scan to try and get someine into their hole.

So I am left with Well Played Gentelmen... You caught us with our pants down and I salute your ninja scanni ng skills lol.

Linky to killmail...

Was up till 5 AM getting everyone back in the hole. One upside is I dont thing the corp members will ever do another mining op Lulz....


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