Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No one on and nothing to do...

Well there are 10 anomalies in the system last night but everyone was busy with Rl issues. My brother had to drive to Tuscon after work to pick up his new computer so he wasnt home to well after 10 pm. So I spent an evening anchoring more POS defense that we pocked up in empire over the weekend. I think we have spent about 5 billion on Pos modules over the last 3 weeks. While I am anchoring modules I dscan core scan probes in the system which can only mean that there must be a k162 that just spawned as I just scanned down all of the cosmic sigs less than an hour before that.

So I switch to the cloaky legion and throw out 7 combat scanners which I am able to get a warp in on the k162 with so I warp up there and wait and see what's what. I leave the combat scanners out and scan every few minutes for ships. After watching the hole for about a half hour I see a Helios uncloaked and leave the hole. I wait a few minutes and collect my probes and jump into a class 5 with the legion and locate their pos on dscan. Corp info on their Corp shows 97 members it appears to be an industrial Corp. I do a qick scann with combat scanners and find no ships in space and no anomalies... Hmm they were looking to run my sites it looks like .... Well if I can't run them tonight I'm not going to make them available for someone else. I look up the hole on daopa's site and see that it only has a billion mas max. I log in to my Alts accounts and I run three battleships out and back in then warp to the pos wait and warp back up I run 1 ship out and in and it didn't shrink a second time yet so one more out and in and it closes behind my abbadon coming back in.

After that I head for bed in hopes I can run some of these sites tuesday night.

All for now
The Lost Trader

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