Friday, October 28, 2011

How do you fix Hi-Sec Griefing

There are several things I would like to talk about that are currently being discussed in the blogisphere which comes down to the CSM and the Mittani, and Hi-Sec Griefing, or forcing a playstyle on someone who may not want to play that particular style of play.

Now I have been in the game since late 2004 and I have seen quite a bit of different styles of gameplay, I enjoyed empire war dec's, but one of the things I had never seen to the extent that it is now when I came back into the game was the suicide ganking that is what I feel currently out of hand.

Now let me emphesise something, I used think that you should be able to gank someone in hi-sec at the expense of losing your ship.  However I think that Pend insurance should not be paying on policies where concord is on the kill mail. There is not enough decentive to gank someone in hi-sec. So I am thinking that not being able to attack another player in 1.0 systems without being at war with their corporation might not be a bad idea.

I also believe that isk is flowing a bit too freely in Hi-Sec making it too easy to make effortless money with no risks. This needs to be moved into low-sec / Null / WH space. Currently there are very few people inhabiting Null-Sec it has actually become more safe to operate in Null than operating in Hi-Sec, with all the jump bridge networks, there is no risk getting assets into and out of null-sec currently.

The only scary space at the moment is WH space, where you can get ganked any second by someone that you never saw coming, and I think that this is fantastic. This is how Null-Sec should be, the biggest rewards should be in this no-local type of system where you dont see your adversary coming.

Frankly the whole Goons ice interdiction scheme has done nothing but piss off players that might want to casually log in and multibox while watching TV, Because mining Ice is freeking boring with the 6 min cycles, I know this was done to stop server lag but holy smokes its no wonder so many botters are ice mining because it is like watching grass grow.

So for solutions for the above issues I propose this....

1. Players cannot attack players in 1.0 systems unless there is an active war declaration.
2. Players cannot avoid a wardec by the current exploits that are being used.
3. Players may not attack players with less than a certain amout of skillpoints. (we want to retain new players right?)
4. Move level 3+ agents to Low-sec
5. Move Incursions to Low-sec
6. Get rid of Jump Bridges in 0.0
7. Beef Up Isk generating activities in Null - Sec
8. Beef Up Isk Generating activities in WH Space
9. Make Null-sec local like WH local.

This will bring more people to low and nullsec / wh space as there will be strength in numbers and make risk/reward to move the players out of hisec space.


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  1. CCP was going to entirely remove JBs from null, but CSM managed to get a concession to limit it to 1 JB per system. I don't think JBs should be taken away beyond that, as I think it's a big perk of owning space. Plus, if you live in deep null, it can be a real headache to get somewhere else without them (lets say from HED way back into Teneferis)

    I agree about incusions, but that'll take a little roleplay which isn't likely to come.

    Otherwise, I agree entirely. There's alot of support for a delayed local in null like w-space also, just in case you didn't know.