Friday, October 21, 2011

A Fruitless Evening Roam

Logged in last night and resolved the signatures in our class 3... Gas, Rocks, 1 radar Yay.. and our static to 0.0 So no new wormholes in the last 2 days maybe things are slowing back down. We run a few Anom's while we are closed in and pick up the bloot, then we decide to go on a little roam out of the static.

We refit to a more pvp fit drake and the three of us that are online dip our toes into 0.0. The system that we are in tonight is a dead end system one way in and out, no stations and only 1 asteroid belt. In other words it is perfect to stage from tonight. We bookmark the hole and head out, we jump into the next system, it is empty as well. Now I want to say there are two goals any time we get into 0.0, Goal number 1 is to try and find some pew, Goal number 2, is to get my security status back to 0. I am currently at -8.4 so this is a long term goal.

So with those intentions we start lookig at the map to see where there are some pilots in space, each system we go through we go through the belts and kill a BS rat if there is no one in space. If there is someone in space and we can locate him on dscan we will attempt some pew.

So the first system we come across with 1 person in local, there is nothing on dscan and there is a station in system, so we move on. We jump into the next system and I see a noctis on scan, but also a thantos, we are not going to be able to take 3 drakes vs a thantos so we wave and move on.

The next system there is a person in local, though nothing on dscan we believe they must be in a cloaky, we kill a 3bs spawn here and move on. We go through 6 more systems and all of them are empty and it is beginning to get late. We are 7 jumps from our dead end system and we start to head back. We kill a BS rat in each of the empty systems on the way back, wave at teh thantos pilot who thinks we are there to get him and I actually have a good convo with as we are lol'ing that a dramiel tackled him last night, I told hime he wasnt interesting to us as we didnt have the dps to take down a carrier in drakes.

We get one jump from the hole and head out in a different direction to check the 2 ice belt systems nearby, both systems are empty but we get sucked into a large tech 2 bubble in the second system which has no one in it, upset we got pulled to the bubble we destroy it and head back to the wormhole. It is now almost midnight so we roll the hole and go to bed unsatisfied, but tucked back in and closed in tight with the new static unactivated.

Maybe some pew this weekend.....


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