Monday, October 10, 2011

Well today was one of those days where everything goes wrong

Today started out good was grinding some security status out of teh 0.0 static, then when my brother logged on we ran through all of the anomolies in teh system before trying out a Forgotten Frontier Recursive Depot which we quickly lost a drake and our dominix before we finally got it finished, oh and our Kronos managed to warp out with 24 percent hull left. This was the second attempt at this particular site the first time we finished it without incedent.

So then it was decided to clear out a grav site and after 5 minutes in the site we see scan probes in the system, I had just scanned the system before we started, and it was clear but low and behold there was a new K162 from a class 4 WSpace. Wen I popped out scanner probes and probed down the hole, usually this is the hint that I saw your probes, but this person must have been persistant about scanning our system.

I get cov ops into their system and dscan down their pos, there are 3 people in the pos and another pos in the system, Ok I decide to close the hole and start running ships through it, we get it just about to pop when I hear the hole go off so I bubble up the heavy interdictor and a cov ops goes back out deciding not to stay. I jump the heavy dic in and bring it back through collapsing the hole.

Well apparently he was scouting to get his buddie back out of the system as soon as the hole colapses I see probes go up again. I put a cov ops on the 0.0 static and wait for them to leave then we collapse that hole. I scan the system again, and just my luck 2 new wormholes... I pick the wrong one first and activate the 0.0 static, and the other hole is a new k-162 to C5 Wspace. I am getting tired so I start closing both of these at the same time warping from one to the other, I manage to get the 0.0 hole closed just as the locals are deploying scan probes, and while putting the finishing touces on the C5 I accidently jump the Apoc in instead of the interdictor and the hole closes behind me.

Well rather than give the local russians a kill mail I self destruct the apoc and my pod and wake up anew in hodrold where I have a spare stealth bomber to go and find my way back in tomorrow, as I am done today.

The Lost Pod Trader.

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