Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Ships, Lack of Content

I know everyone is excited about the new ships and the balancing issues, but what about some new content. How hard is it to add a few new WH anoms, some new missions, some 0.0 anoms, and exploration sites. The construct for these is in place, I am sure a content team can come up with these in rather short order.

Other than that I am excited for the new ships, I may have to train large blaster specialization as I already have large hybrid turret to 5. It very well may make the gallente ships fun to fly again, as it is I havent been in a gallente ship other than a Dominix in a long time. and I was using the Dominix as a Neut / Drone boat.

I am very interested in when the promised winter expansion will be released, and am looking forward to seeing what new skills I will have to train for some of the ships / modules.


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  1. You know, you're right, none of that PvE stuff is getting an update. But then again, Incursion pretty much handled that in my mind. Still I see your point.

    As for the lack of content, I only PvE up to about 1 billion isk, and then let it ride until I hit about 150 million before I start PvEing again. So for me, the content is going to be awesome, what with all the new fleet doctrines and PvP theory crafting that will be coming out.